Yutian Luo

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.47.35 PMYutian began wanted to be a teacher at the age of seven, inspired by her passionate Chinese teacher at that time because she thought it was cool to tell others what they do not know. She forgot about this dream she had as she grew up. However, Yutian decided to enter the M.A. TESOL program in San Francisco State University to become an English teacher because of her interests in cross-culture communication and language education; because she believes that language education is one of the most fundamental ways for cross-culture communication. After graduation, Yutian plans to go back to her home country, China, to apply and practice the theories and knowledge that she has learned in the U.S. to contribute to English education there.

Applying Communicative Language Teaching in China through Curricula Development

Although communicative language teaching (CLT) is a very popular and effective method in ESL contexts, it still remains underused in EFL contexts such as in China because of various challenges, such as classroom population, teacher training and exam focused education. In secondary schools, this last challenge means schools need to meet with the requirements of the high school entrance exam (HSEE) and there are many pressures to cover all the materials before the exam. Therefore, it is very difficult to introduce new communicative materials to the curriculum. In response to this challenge, this presentation will provide some insights to curriculum development, specifically looking at aspects of adapting the current materials and making them more communicative.


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