Yi Xia

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.18.33 AMBorn and raised in China, Yi Xia obtained her B.A. in English Education and taught English in a public high school in Beijing, China for two years before she came to the U.S. In order to improve herself as a better English educator, she entered the M.A. TESOL program at San Francisco State University. After graduation, she plans to apply the new knowledge and techniques into her classroom practice and make her teaching more productive.

Task-based Language Teaching in a Chinese High School  

The English pedagogy reform in China has greatly advocated the use of Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) to improve students’ communicative competence for decades. Originated in western contexts, TBLT is reported to meet some cultural resistance and exert challenges on actual teaching practice in traditional Chinese classroom. Many researchers suggest that some contextual-sensitive reconciling approaches should be employed when using TBLT to balance the need of developing communicative competence and achieving academic success. Through this case study, the presenter will illustrate how TBLT is perceived and implemented in a Chinese high school, and discuss some suggestions to achieve a better utilization of TBLT.


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