Tristan Cameron

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.56.38 AMTristan’s interest in teaching English began while volunteering in the SF public school system, which she soon looked forward to far more than her day job. After more than ten years writing marketing collateral for various companies, she decided there were better ways to utilize her English degree. In a fabulously disquieting career move, she gave up ugly cubicles for the inspiring (and occasionally terrifying) world of teaching. She is currently applying all she has learned during her graduate studies as an instructor at the American Language Institute and hopes that she will continue to learn and grow as a teacher even after she leaves the M.A. TESOL program.


“Teacher, please respond ASAP”: Teaching the Pragmatics of University Communication

Even students with intermediate to high English proficiency often know little about the pragmatics of interactions with teachers such as in sending emails and one-on-one conferencing. This can be an issue when students are navigating current and future university study. Understanding the pragmatics of communication with teachers can help students feel more empowered and allow them more opportunities to meet their academic goals, but how can you fit pragmatics instruction into an already packed curriculum? This presentation will discuss one way to use mini lessons to help raise student awareness about the pragmatic norms of communicating with teachers and provide activities to help students create pragmatically effective emails as well as understand the structure and discourse of one-on-one meetings.



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