Tenley Harrison

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.26.49 AMTenley started her teaching career in Japan, where she fell in love with the country as well as the profession. After teaching ESL in high schools in Japan and the US, doing educational research, and working in many capacities at Refugee Transitions (a local non-profit working with refugees and immigrants), Tenley finally decided it was time to engage in formal study of TESOL pedagogy and entered SFSU. Three kids, several jobs, and many years later, she is excited to finally graduate. She is grateful to all her students over the years, for their resilience, determination, and smiles.

“But there’s nothing to read!” Engaging Adolescent ELLs as Readers

The population of adolescent ELLs in the US is growing rapidly, yet their rates of English reading achievement show little improvement. Compounding the problem, there are few appropriate, engaging materials available with which to motivate ELLs to read. The presenter will discuss her long-term goal of writing a culturally relevant and entertaining novel for adolescent ELLs and the research she has done, both in terms of a literature review and needs assessment work through surveys and interviews, to provide a rationale to publishers for such a book. There will be time for discussion of personal experiences with reading in an L2 as well as with developing literacy materials.



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