Stephanie Trujillo

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.31.35 PMDuring her kindergarten graduation ceremony in front of family and friends, Stephanie announced that she someday wanted to be a teacher. And a week later, she changed her mind. After a bit of maturing and a lot of exploring, she returned to the teaching idea and entered the MA TESOL program two years ago. She is inspired by the professional, creative, and reflective teaching practices that come together in the classes and community of the MA TESOL  graduate program at SF State. Stephanie plans to continue working at the American Language Institute while developing her skills to teach this wild and wonderful English language.

Exploring Student Reflection in Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is considered an essential ingredient in student-centered language instruction. But what happens when student experiences during project work do not align with the teacher’s goals? Challenges arise when students do not view project work as valuable toward language acquisition. This presentation describes how to remedy this misalignment by adding reflective components to a project-based curriculum. The presenter will describe the curricular approaches used in an academic oral skills class and will outline how a project framework and reflections can be adapted for a variety of teaching contexts where project-based approaches are appropriate.


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