Sonya Worthy

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 4.30.24 PMSonya has taught ESL/EFL in Korea, Russia, Peru, and here in the lovely city of San Francisco.  Currently she is teaching at the American Language Institute.  One of her interests is in how corpora – large bodies of electronic text – can be mined for high frequency expressions to help language learners improve their written and oral comprehension, as well as edit their own second-language writing.  When Sonya is not teaching she enjoys good books, long urban walks and Netflix.  She has also been known to document and photograph people reading books in public places.


Scaffolding the Use of Corpora in L2 Self-Editing

When self-editing compositions, L2 writers are often at a disadvantage compared to their native-speaking peers.  This study explores how corpora can help level the playing field.  Twenty-two multilingual composition students participated in a 1-hour session in which they were introduced to the corpus of Global Web-based English (GloWbE).  The session consisted of training followed by an assessment of how they were able to locate “GloWbE-correctable” errors and use the tool to address them.  The findings suggest that multilingual composition students are receptive to and may have the critical thinking skills to use GloWbE; however, proper scaffolding is essential.  This presentation aims to help instructors understand the practical implications of introducing corpus tools to L2 writers.


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