Shoko Kita

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.23.21 AMShoko’s interest in teaching began from the age of three, growing up with her parents and grandfather working as teachers. Her love for teaching and communicating with people from the world led her to the MATESOL program at SFSU to equip her with current SLA theories and practical teaching experience. Having taught English at the American Language Institute, Shoko is now excited to maximize her future Japanese students’ opportunities experiencing the joy of English communication and cross-cultural experience by adapting her ESL teaching methods and her cultural knowledge gained from a diverse student group to the Japanese EFL context.


Maximizing multi-cultural experience in EFL class to increase learners’ motivation

With the rapid growth of globalization, greater emphasis has been placed on incorporating multi-cultural topics in English class to facilitate successful communication among English users in the world. Some researchers also argue that EFL learners can be highly motivated to learn English with great “international posture,” interest in foreign affairs and openness to other cultures. Unfortunately, however, there are few empirical studies exploring the efficacy of materials focusing on multiculturalism in EFL contexts. Having designed materials focusing on multi-cultural topics and having them piloted, the presenter will discuss how the materials motivated Japanese junior high school students’ English learning, and influenced a novice Japanese English teacher’s teaching.


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