Owen Yonehara

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.39.34 PMOwen’s interest in education and language took root when he ditched a less than fulfilling law degree path at the University of Oregon. Luckily, he wandered into teaching through his love of traveling in South America. Since then, he has taught EFL/ESL in Perú and the Bay Area for the last five years. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Owen is looking forward to the next adventure either here in the Bay Area or beyond. When he can find the time, Owen enjoys a good book, a run or hike, Vipassana meditation, judo and wrestling, and pretending to be a food critic.


Like! Facebook as a Tool for Project-Based Learning

Project-based instruction (PBI) has been widely accepted and incorporated into the SLA field and L2 pedagogy. While technology is used widely in PBI, new web 2.0 technologies like Facebook have not yet been fully incorporated into SLA research and pedagogy as an effective project-based teaching tool. The presenter will show the ways in which Facebook can serve as a supplemental tool for project-based learning by describing the approach, lesson plans, and initial results of this project in a non-academic private language school. The presentation will also discuss challenges that arose, successes and failures, and suggestions for further research.


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