Noemí Pérez

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.50.53 AMNoemí’s strong interest in literature, language, and adult learning influenced her decision to leave public K-12 education and seek her MA Degree in English TESOL. She currently teaches college level Advanced Academic ESL in Reading & Oral Communications in Santa Clara, where she integrates American literature with her ESL curriculum to help expand her students’ knowledge and usage of English. She is also the coordinator of staff and teacher training at her campus. Following graduation, Noemí will be seeking a 2nd MA degree in Italian to fulfill a Ph.D. third language requirement at Stanford University. It is her goal to teach Literature and language at all levels; from ESL to graduate. On a personal note, Noemí has a fondness for 1920s-40s fashion, film, and culture with a large collection of vintage clothing and home decor. Her free time is spent watching classic films at Stanford Theatre, reading detective novels, shopping antique fairs, swing dancing, surfing, hiking and gardening.

Hitting the Books: Integrating Literature in the Advanced ESL Classroom

After learning the four essential language skills, students should learn to understand idiomatic language and metaphor as an important means of expression in both spoken and written English. For my project, I proposed using literature to enhance my students’ English skills and prepare them for their future graduate studies. I have integrated both short stories and novellas into my ESL reading curriculum to help my students engage in literary context as they would in a college classroom. I have found that the curriculum helped develop and enhance their understanding and use of English metaphors and idiomatic expressions that is present in many genres of text.


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