Mayu Kondo

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.21.09 AMMayu’s interest in teaching began when she was an undergraduate student in Japan. While serving as a student teacher at a middle school, she became passionate about teaching, and opened her eyes to the immense responsibilities English educators hold in Japan. This experience led her to enroll in the MA TESOL program at SFSU. She is excited to bring back home a variety of teaching methods she acquired during her study in San Francisco. In addition to implementing these new acquired skills within her class, she is especially interested in integrating pragmatics into the English classroom while focusing on cross-cultural pragmatics.


New Policy in Japanese English High Schools, New Challenges

In Japan, the Course of Study for English classes was recently revised and implemented in April 2013. The major concern of this new policy is that English should be taught in English in Japanese high schools. In the past few decades, the policy has been revised many times. With this history in mind, the presenter will discuss the motivations behind the new policy and the issues that the policy may have (e.g. low confidence of teachers and English proficiency of students). After analyzing the detail of each issue, the presenter will give some suggestions to Japanese English teachers to conduct their English classes successfully.


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