Irma Peinado

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.54.19 AMIrma was born and raised in the East Bay. Growing up bilingual and of Mexican descent, she became aware of the struggles people face when there is a language and culture barrier. For the last thirteen years she has been a bilingual elementary school teacher in San Francisco. This has allowed her to work and be part of a community similar to the one she grew up in. It has made her desire to work with adult ESL students even greater. MATESOL has made her career as a teacher stronger by opening doors to not just helping children, but also their parents.


Using Effective Reading Strategies to Make Sense of What You Read

A student who can read will be more successful in education and in life. To comprehend what they read, proficient readers use different strategies to make meaning. Using the Reading Workshop approach the presenter has been teaching struggling readers make meaning and comprehend their texts. The approach suggests using strategies such as monitoring for sense, predicting, inferring and summarizing to consistently develop reading skills. Some of the successful strategies and teaching practices will be discussed and how they were used will be shared.


One comment on “Irma Peinado

  1. Hola ms.peinado soy maria Moo se acuerda que fue mi maestra bueno creeo que nunca se lo dije pero hoy que ya estoy grande puedo entender lo importante que eramos para usted quiero agradecerle por aver tenido pacencia conmigo y por enseniarme a leer gracias a usted aprendí a leer gracias por ser una de las mejores maestras ojala pronto nos podamos poner en contacto!!

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