Hayley Sullivan

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.30.58 AMHayley’s interest in intercultural communication, which sprouted during her undergraduate study at UCSB, led her to into the field of TESOL.  In 2010, she went abroad for a memorable year as a guest English teacher at two girls’ middle schools in South Korea.  As a native to the Bay Area, she was thrilled to return home and begin studying in the MA TESOL program at SFSU.  Throughout her program, she has been working at an IEP in downtown San Francisco where she has been able to apply and reflect on all she has learned.  She enjoys teaching both academic and general English, but she is especially excited about teaching oral communication skills and cross cultural pragmatics.

Skills for Successful Small Talk: A Pragmatics Unit for the ESL Classroom

There is an established need for explicit pragmatic instruction in the ESL classroom and considerable pedagogical research on teaching speech acts and socio-cultural elements of language. However, the lack of authentic materials that specifically address the pragmatics of real-world interactions poses a challenge for instructors.  Having designed and piloted lessons on some of the micro-interactional elements of small talk, the presenter will outline a proposal for a curricular unit aimed at improving the pragmatic awareness and conversational competence of ESL learners.  The presentation will highlight the teacher observations and student feedback that contributed to the development of the unit and include considerations for expansion.


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