Friday, December 6, 2013

12:00 – 12:30  Registration  (HUM 587)

12:30 – 2:20  Presentations  (HUM 113, 217, 386)

2:20 – 3:00  Break  (HUM 587)

3:00 – 4:10  Presentations  (HUM 113, 217, 386)

4:10 – 5:30  Closing Reception (HUM 587)

For details about the celebration dinner, click here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.54.54 PM

Schedule of Presentations

(For descriptions, click here or on individual presenters’ names.)

12:30 – 1:00

Teachers Observing Teachers: Peer Observation as a Tool for Professional Growth

Adam Reid (HUM 113)

Any Questions?: Observations of Post-Oral Presentation Q&A Sessions

Amanda Simons (HUM 217)

At the Crossroads: Preparing Refugees with Learning Disabilities for the Citizenship Exam

Dion Zizak (HUM 386)

1:10 – 1:40

Task-based Language Teaching in a Chinese High School

Yi Xia (HUM 113)

“But there’s nothing to read!” Engaging Adolescent ELLs as Readers

Tenley Harrison (HUM 217)

Skills for Successful Small Talk: A Pragmatics Unit for the ESL Classroom

Hayley Sullivan (HUM 386)

1:50 – 2:20

Hitting the Books: Integrating Literature in the Advanced ESL Classroom

Noemí Pérez (HUM 113)

“Teacher, please respond ASAP”: Teaching the Pragmatics of University Communication

Tristan Cameron (HUM 217)

Maximizing Multi-Cultural Experience in EFL Class to Increase Learners’ Motivation

Shoko Kita (HUM 386)

3:00 – 3:30

Using Effective Reading Strategies to Make Sense of What You Read

Irma Peinado (HUM 113)

New Policy in Japanese English High Schools, New Challenges

Mayu Kondo (HUM 217)

Applying Communicative Language Teaching in China through Curricula Development

Yutian Luo (HUM 386)

3:40 – 4:10

Scaffolding the Use of Corpora in L2 Self-Editing

Sonya Worthy (HUM 113)

Like! Facebook as a Tool for Project-Based Learning

Owen Yonehara (HUM 217)

Exploring Student Reflection in Project Based Learning

Stephanie Trujillo (HUM 386)


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