Amanda Simons

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.25.26 AMAmanda’s choice to pursue an MA in TESOL was sparked by a passion for language, the roots of which can be traced back to 6th grade grammar lessons, a semester of high school study abroad in Paris, and studying linguistics at UCSD. Amanda is grateful for the opportunities she has had at SFSU which have given her practical experiences in the classroom as well as chances to explore classroom research, collaboration as a student and as a teacher, and scholarly development. After graduation, Amanda hopes to continue teaching at the ALI before finding an international adventure.


Any Questions? Observations of Post-oral Presentation Q&A sessions

What happens when a group of advanced EAP students in an oral skills class are instructed to ask unscripted questions of their fellow classmates following a prepared oral academic presentation? This exploratory study examines such question and answer sessions and how they reflect what students might understand about how to ask questions and answer them in an academic setting. The presenter will discuss the patterns that emerged in this context as students asked questions. Following this, the presentation will pose and explore questions that are raised by these results, and discuss suggestions for further study of Q&A sessions in EAP context.


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